About Us

Founded in 1968, the Northwest Chamber Chorus has long been recognized as one of the finest choruses in the Pacific Northwest. The 40-voice ensemble is critically acclaimed for its superb performances of classical and contemporary choral music. NWCC balances its uncompromising commitment to excellence with community warmth, resulting in heartfelt, moving concerts.

The Northwest Chamber Chorus attracts large audiences and wins extensive praise and support from the Seattle arts community. During an annual season of six main-stage performances and numerous community outreach appearances, the chorus attracts a loyal audience of music patrons, characterized by a keen interest in choral music.


Jeremy Edelstein, Artistic Director

Jeremy grew up in central Pennsylvania, surrounded by the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. His journey of singing began in the worlds of pop, jazz, and musical theatre. Before long, he fell in love with choral music: with the joy of community that it lends to artistry and with the maturity of storytelling that it affords through musical and poetic means.

As Artistic Director of the Northwest Chamber Chorus, Jeremy is excited to continue pursuing his deep love of poetry. He sees a kindred spirit in the Northwest Chamber Chorus, with its commitment to exploring a range of repertoire choices and to collaboration with the greater Seattle musical community.

Jeremy’s sensibilities align well with the Northwest Chamber Chorus’s commitment to pursuing excellence without compromising relationships. He is interested in the intersections between musical genres and settings, and between words, sound, emotion, and understanding. He programs concerts that speak to who we are today and what we think and feel right now. He sees performance as an opportunity—for both musicians and audiences—to be changed through art.

Carly Thornburg, Executive Director

Carly began her journey in choral singing under the direction of Gene Peterson at Campolindo High School in Moraga. From there she moved to Seattle and sang with UW Choirs until 2020. After spending 5 years living in Olympia singing folk songs, Carly joined the NWCC alto section in 2017. She coordinated the chorus’s Spring Benefit Auction for two years with great success before being hired as Executive Director. She considers herself a Relationship Professional, having worked in volunteer management, fundraising, training, and community building. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to promote the choral arts in our community.

Board Members

Ethan Roday, President
Rachel Flamm, Vice President
Kevin Fansler, Secretary
Brandon Bolinger, Treasurer
Ben Rider
Dina Myers
Joni Hafner

The Northwest Chamber Chorus does not advocate, support, or practice discrimination based on race, sex, age, physical ability, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs, marital or family status, national or ethnic origin. This applies to all Northwest Chamber Chorus programs and activities.

The Northwest Chamber Chorus stands in support of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities.

As choral artists, we know that critical self‐reflection and corrective action are parts of the artistic process. With the shooting of Jacob Blake, the deaths of George Floyd, Amaud Arbery, Brionna Taylor, and so many others, we are compelled to closely examine our own practices. We Present our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement: