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NWCC 2012 Tour — July 7-16

In the summer of 2012, the Chorus toured Slovakia and Hungary, performing to enthusiastic audiences in four cities.

Some highlights of our wonderful trip:


Our first concert was in Bratislava, the beautiful capital of Slovakia. Bratislava has a lovely old town section that is for pedestrians only. This is the town square. We performed in the white building on the left - the Jesuit Church of the Holy Redeemer.


Getting organized for dinner. There in pink is our lovely and super-competent tour guide, Iveta Barkova.

Bratislava - castle  

A view of Bratislava Castle


Rehearsal in Bratislava

Bojnice castle  

Our next stop was Bojnice, home of this spectacular castle, where we sang our second concert.

Bojnice - castle tour  

Looking forward to the castle tour

Bojnice - zoo  

Many of us visited the Bojnice Zoo.

Bojnice - concert  

Performance in Bojnice Castle

Banska Stiavnica  

Our last stop in Slovakia was Banská Štiavnica, a beautiful medieval mining town located in a caldera in the mountains.

Tour of Banska Stiavnica  

The walking tour of Banská Štiavnica gave us a real workout. We were happy for some Seattle-style relief in the form of rain.

From the old castle  

This is about half of the group, taken from the old castle above Banská Štiavnica.

Banska Stiavnica - old castle  

The old castle, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, dates from the 13th century. Later it was fortified in anticipation of a Turkish invasion.

Banska Stiavnica - concert  

Our concert in Banská Štiavnica


Our final tour stop was Budapest. Here is a view of the Danube, with Buda on the left and Pest on the right.

Budapest - Hero Square  

In Heroes' Square with our very engaging tour guide

Budapest - the Great Synagogue  

Interior of the Great Synagogue of Budapest - the largest synagogue in Europe

Budapest - St Stephen  

Saint Stephen's Basilica, where we sang our final concert of the tour

Budapest - final concert  

The final concert

Thanks to Amy and Tom Wimmer for most of these photographs. Thanks for additional photos go to Joni and Will Hafner, Rachel Flamm, and Iveta Barkova. To see more photos of our trip, visit us on Facebook.

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