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Mark Kloepper, Music Director
Betsy Brockman, Executive Director

Members of the Chorus

Mark Kloepper, Music Director
Betsy Brockman, Executive Director
Alexandra Webb, Accompanist
Kevin Fansler, Singer Manager
Christi Everett, Librarian

Sopranos Altos Tenors Baritones/Basses
Dori Baunsgard
Betsy Brockman
Auralee MacColl Carter
Sarah Elliott
Christi Everett
Heather Frank
Joni Hafner †
Michaela Lake
Molly Middaugh
Taryn Jones †
AJ Newland
Dalia Taylor *
Kaitlin Wick
Jody Bower
Sheila Brown
Shireen Deboo
Nancy Fisher
Rachel Flamm
Kayla Gerken
Susan Jenkins
Decatur Macpherson
Kristina Madayag
Lauren Sandven *
Cindy Shultz
Carly Thornburg
Ali Webb
Merideth Burness
Matt Everett †
Kevin Fansler
Taylor Fritts †
Pete Jones
Mark Lee
Bobby Lindsey †
Ben Rider *
Nelson Wong
David Barnes
Adam Brown
Michael Huber
Lewis Kerwin
Walker Kuch-Stanovsky
Eric Partridge *
Matthew Peterson
Ethan Roday
Mark Sandstrom
Chris Shultz

* Section leader
Board member

Photo by Rodger Pickett

Membership information

Rehearsal and attendance policies. The Chorus rehearses Monday evenings, 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm from September to June at the Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church (7500 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle) and holds an Annual Meeting on a Monday evening following the last concert. There is at least one evening dress rehearsal for each concert (or set of concerts). All new members are granted provisional membership for one season. At the end of that season, the Music Director and Board of Directors determine who will be offered continued membership. Musicianship, attendance, and a demonstrated commitment to the Chorus are the major determining factors.

Members are expected to attend all rehearsals and to work on their music on their own. Additionally, sectional rehearsals may be held. Members who must be absent from rehearsal are required to notify their section leader in advance. Members with more than two absences from regular rehearsals during a performance cycle will be subject to review by the Music Director and may be excused from the performance. Attendance at all dress rehearsals and performances is mandatory.

Financial. Chorus members pay annual dues of $230 to support the operation of the Chorus. Payment plans and financial aid may be arranged upon request. Chorus members are also required to attend an October weekend retreat at Dumas Bay Retreat Centre in Federal Way ($130 per member for overnight and $115 for commuters) and two Saturday mini-retreats, in January and April (no fee). The Chorus has its own music library and provides most of the music for its performances.

Fundraising. The Chorus hosts an annual Benefit Auction in May. Chorus members are asked to help with this event in a variety of ways (as volunteers, providing food, promotion). Funds are also raised through the sale of concert program advertising, concert food concessions, and CDs.

Concert dress. Women are asked to pay for their costumes ($70), which are ordered through a catalog at the beginning of each season, unless one can be borrowed from the Chorus stock of costumes. Women are asked to wear black shoes and black hose for concerts. The men are asked to provide their own black tuxedo with black bow tie and white tuxedo shirt. No perfumes, after-shave, or strongly fragranced deodorants during rehearsals/concerts, please.

Concert schedule. The Chorus traditionally performs three programs a year — at Christmas, Winter, and Spring — with most concerts repeated. In addition, the group performs two or three outside engagements during the season, either as a full chorus or in small groups.

Other. The Chorus records all of its concerts for archival purposes. CDs of the concerts can be purchased throughout the season ($20 per CD). The Chorus has four commercial CDs: Northwest Chamber Chorus Live!, Handel Coronation Anthems, A Ceremony of Carols, and Northwest Chamber Chorus Sings.

Administration. The Chorus is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors that meets monthly. The Board members serve for three years in rotating terms, and consist of both chorus members and chorus patrons. The Chorus employs a full-time professional Executive Director (Betsy Brockman, soprano) and maintains an office. Members are expected to participate in many aspects of concert production, promotion, fundraising, and other activities. The Chorus also relies on its members to sell concert tickets. A Chorus roster with names, addresses, phone, and e-mail is published each season for chorus members.

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