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Mark Kloepper, Music Director
Betsy Brockman, Executive Director


For Chorus Members

Vocal evaluations for continuing chorus members and initial auditions for potential new members are held regularly each August and during the year as needed to fill special concert requirements.

The musical literature that we perform is varied and challenging (see Repertoire). Those who have previously performed this type of music are invited to audition.

Applicants should have experience performing in an a cappella group. They should have accurate pitch and timing and the ability to blend vocally. Applicants are requested to prepare a classical solo piece that demonstrates their vocal quality and dynamic range (it need not be memorized). An accompanist will be provided.

The applicant's sight-reading skills, vocal range, and aural memory will also be evaluated during the 15-minute audition. Contact the chorus office for more information.


Photo by Rodger Pickett

For Soloists

During the concert season, soloists are often selected from the chorus membership, particularly for short solos. Members may also be asked to form small ensembles for some works. Featured solo roles are usually awarded by contract. Featured soloists receive stipends covering rehearsals and performance. Interested soloists should submit a resumé and a short tape recording of a previous solo performance to the chorus office. Final soloist selection will require an in-person audition with the Music Director.

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